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Who is Dt. Pinky?

Young businesswoman and dietitian Pinky is a co-founder of Diet4life wellness Pvt Ltd. A well-known dietician, she awarded for leading the best dieticians in India as a team. The governor recognized him for using no medication to save the lives of more than 2000 COVID sufferers.
There are more than 51 positions for dieticians and nutritionists as a result of the formula for weight loss for all body types without the need of drugs, supplements, or demanding exercise.
Many dieticians and nutritionists are switching careers because they are not seen as standard medical practitioners, are Shadowed by physicians of medicine, and only work as regular hospital employees. She is the mother of 3 Dogs and has 51 successful dieticians and nutritionists under her belt. She assisted more than 60,000 clients in India and abroad.

              About the course

Diploma in Nutrition is a Diploma program that is designed to provide students with detailed information about how food is prepared and what nutritional supplements they should include in their diets. A completion certificate will be awarded to the candidate once the course is successfully completed, and the level of the certificate will increase with the amount of experience and knowledge the candidate has.There are a wide variety of private and governmental organizations that are the top employers for Diploma in Nutrition courses, including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, catering companies, schools, university departments, retirement communities, and community centers for the elderly.Why study a Diploma in nutrition?Here are some of the reasons why a diploma in nutrition may be a good choice for you:High Demand: In terms of career paths and salaries, the Diploma in Nutrition career path is one of the most demanding and highest paying career paths for professionals who wish to follow their passion. The demand for nutrition diploma courses has drastically increased due to the increased awareness among people about food and nutrition.



Anyone curious about dietary guidelines and nutrition

Those who wants to loose weight.

Who are suffering from lower blood pressure.


Recorded session

You will be benefited by the recorded session, so that you can learn on your own pace.

Diet charts, exemplified

Diet chart would be exemplified and simplified to that make understandable.

Course Coordinator
We will provide you a personalized course coordinator to make this course much easier .

How to detox your body
Learn to detox your body to get your desirable health.

Learn from best Dietician
We will offer the best dietitian Pinky Kumari For you to discover the ideal diet for your body,

Get Certification
Diet plan with international Diet certificate is kind of a cherry on the top. And you will get cheery by just clicking on the subscribe button.

Before You Ask!

Yes! You will be certified for this course on completion.


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Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion of the Course. You must finish the course to earn your certificate.

How do I contact customer support?

Please write to : support@diet4life.in our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.


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